Conferences 2019

Cobalt participated in the MRO Latin America in Cancun, January 15-17, 2019. We were setting up our table top display at the Network Forum.

Upcoming Conferences
April 9-11 MRO America, Atlanta, GA
Cobalt will have a booth at this conference.
May 20-22 MRO BEER, Vilnius, Lithuania
Cobalt will have a table at this conference; BEER = Baltics, East Europe, Russia
June 4-6 AP&M, Frankfurt, Germany
Cobalt will be in attendance.
August 11-13 ACPC, Washington DC
Cobalt will have a table in the Network Forum; ACPC = Air Carriers Purchasing Conference
October 15-17 MRO Europe, London, UK
Cobalt all be in attendance