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Before and After

Before a part can be worked it must be received in. Behind the scenes there are numerous dedicated Cobalt employees working to get the parts onsite. Once onsite and received in, the evaluations begin, work scope determined and required repairs worked.The expectations of the end result being a quality product repaired and shipped to a satisfied customer in a timely manner.

Working Abroad

No one ever really enjoys being away from home, right? But when working abroad you just make the best of it when you can!

Tim doesn’t take many photos when he is working away but recently these were received while Josh and Tim were working in Spain for one of Cobalt’s customers.

A southern boy has to have a little bologna once in awhile (photo 1). And what about the view from near their hotel? (photo 2)


Are you looking for a MRO Tailored Solution that provides rapid response to your critical AOG needs? We will provide quality service with a quick turnaround. This CF6-80C2 Fan Reverser is near completion.