Cobalt Aero Services was formed in January 2013 when Tim White and Tony McAnly acquired the assets of a FAA Repair Station that had been operating since November 2008.

Cobalt has 35,000 square feet of building space on five acres. The repair shop includes stockroom and warehouse space for repair materials and customer parts; welding equipment for steel and aluminum; media blast and cleaning processes; painting and priming booth; curing booth; metal forming equipment; material handling equipment; and various inspection processes.

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In May 2014 Cobalt acquired a larger facility that doubled shop space to handle its growing workflow. In December 2016 Cobalt finished an addition that increased shop space another 50%. Besides tripling facility size, our location has acreage to support additional facility expansion as Cobalt’s customer base expands. Manufacturing, process, and inspection services that are infrequently used are provided by an experienced supply chain based mainly in the Hot Springs, Tulsa, Dallas, and Memphis regions.

In March 2019, Cobalt expanded with the purchase of a new facility increasing our footprint to over 100,000 square feet. Our Inventory Support Division moved to the new location allowing us to increase the quantities of serviceable parts to support our customers.

Cobalt Aero Services is a trusted MRO service provider to a wide spectrum of aviation companies, both large and small, around the world.